RTC Plain Java SDK running on Nexus 7 (Ubuntu)…successful!

After installing Ubuntu on my Nexus 7, I moved on to run RTC Plain Java Programms on it.

* Nexus 7 16 GB
* Ubuntu 12.04
* OpenJDK 1.7
* RTC Plain Java SDK
* Eclipse 3.8

First Result:
Snippet 1 Example run, but create a Stack Trace with “two dtoEvolution Elements found…”.
Needs some investigations…

Update: There is something wrong with the plugin.xml inside com.ibm.team.scm.common bundle/plugin.
The modelVersion is missing. The exception happens only with OpenJDK 1.7 (maybe OpenJDK 1.6
behave different?)
Add. Details at https://jazz.net/forum/questions/73208/teamplatformstartup-courses-nullpointerexception

Screendump with Eclipse running at Nexus 7 (X on Mac Mini):

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