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“Lessons learned” …creating a complex DNG Extension with Javascript

Currently I’m working on a big DNG Extension that will: Search Artefacts and their link structure Create a Workitem “Mirror” at RTC…Workitems with similar names and the same link structure Link the DNG Artefacts with their RTC Workitems counterparts. Sounds simple, just create a loop to get the Artefacts and then create the related Workitems. But […]


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How to enable CORS on a Websphere Application Server (WAS 8.5)

In case you have a little DNG Javascript embedded in a Webpage and you want to  access RTC (running in a different domain) , then you need CORS. The question is “how to enable it with WAS? It seems that WAS itself could not configured but the WAS Apps (i.e. ccm) could be. This means you […]

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RM Queries (OSLC and REST)

Here are the results of “How to create OSLC Queries in DNG with the help of RM OSLC”. Available informations: Using OSLC capabilities in the Requirements Management application Access OSLC services from IBM Rational DOORS RRC Reportable REST API  RRC/DNG REST Questions Example: How to find all Artefacts of an Artefact Type like “AuthReq”?<>&*&oslc.where=rm:ofType=<; […]

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Copy/Backup a SD Card

After some failures there is an easy way to copy a  Raspberry Pi SDCard (with Homematic CCU running in a lxc container) from one SD Card /dev/sdb to another SC Card /dev/sdc: mount (to see the mounted filesystems an their names) umount /dev/sdb1 umount /dev/sdc1 sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc bs=4096 conv=notrunc,noerror

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