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Usage of an Android Tablet with Ubuntu to control the ESXi Server and Openfiler Server

Currently I’m testing my Asus Tablet with Ubuntu to steer my server environment. That’s a challenge! I use chroot to install Ubuntu on the Tablet. With the help of ssh I could now control: * Backup Time * Monitor the server health * Switch off and on (WOL) the server An Android Tablet is perfect: […]

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NAS Server with Openfiler

After a long time of review between Openfiler and FreeNAS. I decided to give Openfiler a chance, because it include WebDAV. I use Openfiler mainly as a iSCSI Device…connected to ESXi. I tested also NFS but it was 2 x slower then iSCSI. What I don’t like are the long URL like http://server/mnt/vol01/dav/share/…may be a […]

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