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Doors Next Generation: The importance of RDF-URI in custom Artefacts

When you create new, custom Artefact- and Link- Types you may ask yourself what is the meaning of RDF-URI? Why is it important? When you do Scripting (Javascipt) you save a lot of additional GET Calls. The Link is not visible at the first glance. Link/Artefact Types will have a unique ID in every DNG […]

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How to find DNG Artifacts inside a Module

DNG make a difference between Artifacts. We have Base Artifacts Module Artifacts The question we are facing is “How to get the information where an Artifact is related?” One possibility is an QSLC Query with a closer look at the XML Results, because Base Artifacts haveĀ a “<nav:Parent>” and Module Artifacts have a “<rm:boundArtifact>” If you […]

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