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Protected: ChangeSets and DNG 6.0.5

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How to successfully start “Eclipse Che” on Mac OS, Ubuntu 17.10 and CoreOS

After a break of one year a did a look at the new webeditor “Eclipse Che”. To my surprise, Eclipse made a huge step forward. Currently I think to myself “should I change from Atom to Eclipse Che”? Let me give you some hints how to avoid obstacles with the official documentation. Starting Eclipse Che […]

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First Steps with Kubernetes (K8s)

I started working with Kubernetes and I recognized that Kubernetes (K8s) is powerful but also very complex. My attitude with new softeware is: Read about it Try it out to get a “feeling” what is possible. Let me share my experience with you in the next steps…   Minikube (“local Kubernetes”) The fastest way to […]

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Challenge: CLM Server Image with confidential Data stored on Docker Hub?

There are still obstacles to use the Cloud, even in a private Repository on Docker Hub. You are walking on “thin ice” when you put important/confidential data to a Cloud solution. Why is it necessary to have a CLM Server Image on Docker Hub? We currently use a  Git, Travis and Docker Integration, it means […]

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How to: RTC 6.0.3 inside a Docker Container

After a short break I would like to continue with my docker postings. This time I will describe how we (me and my college Nam) configure RTC 6.0.3 to run inside Docker. A “nice to have” would be a Jenkins integration, i.e. build your WAR, start the CLM docker image and deploy the WAR File. […]

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Self Hosted Chrome Extension

It is just a question of time that you will need a self hosted repository. You can avoid to use the public Chrome Webstore. With the following steps you will have your own private Webstore in a couple of minutes. In the following days I will show you how to do it for the new […]

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Convert an Userscript to a Chrome Extension

Let me show you an example how to convert a Userscript like “Pinterest without registration” to a basic Chrome Extension. Get the Userscript from https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/6325-pinterest-without-registration. Install it to Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. Test it at http://pinterest.com Create a new directory on your disk like “ChromeExtensionPinterest” Create inside this directory a file “content.js” Create inside this directory […]

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