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Convert an Userscript to a Chrome Extension

Let me show you an example how to convert a Userscript like “Pinterest without registration” to a basic Chrome Extension. Get the Userscript from Install it to Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. Test it at Create a new directory on your disk like “ChromeExtensionPinterest” Create inside this directory a file “content.js” Create inside this directory […]

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Are Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey an Alternative to Browserextensions?

Because Browserextensions are not so easy to create, I wonder if Userscript running with the help of Greasemonkey (Firefox Extension) or Tampermonkey (Chrome and Firefox Extension) are better. Let me share my findings: Pro Userscript: Tons of Userscript are available Some Documentation is available but mostly not very recent Easy to deploy on your local […]

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Part1: Your first RTC Browser Plugin (without functionality)

A¬†Chrome Browser Plugin has a lot of different files and also the correct configuration is very important. To avoid pitfalls¬†you can use the Extensionizr. Within 15 seconds you will get a functional Chrome extension! Overview Before we start just an overview “what is what…”. Background Script/Page: Background pages defined by background.html can include JavaScript code […]

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