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Findings with CLM Browser Extensions

I used my free time to investigate Browser Extensions dedicated for Rational CLM Tools. To give you an example of UI extension…I added the “Hotdog stack” Button/Icon to a RTC Workitem. If you click it a custom function is started. Chrome vs Firefox Browser Extensions It seems that Chrome is the best platform for this […]

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Extend Rational Tools with Browser Extensions

Situation: The last 8 years I heard the questions “how to extend the web interface of Rational Team Concert?” and the standard answer was “not really possible”. Also simple tasks like “creating child work items under certain conditions” are hard to implement and (more important) hard to test. And don’t forget you have to create new […]

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CLM 6.x: Improved SPARQL Editor

To improve the basic functionality of the CLM 6.x  SPARQL Editors I created my own Editor with the following features. Prefix autocompletion (using and/or the content of the CLM Triplestore) Property and class autocompletion (using the Linked Open Vocabularies API and/or the CLM Triplestore) SPARQL syntax highlighting and error checking Possible to execute the query directly To […]

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