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ioBroker Settings and “How to” Examples

Currently I’m investigate iobroker, a fascinating “Internet of Things” software. How to extend the ioBroker “Node-Red” Adapter with additional nodes like Arduino? Go to the iobroker installation directory like “/opt/iobroker9/node_modules/iobroker.js-controller” Type “./iobroker stop” Go to “/opt/iobroker9/node_modules/iobroker.node-red/node_modules/node-red” i.e. install Arduino with “npm install arduino-firmata” Back in the ioBroker directory type “./iobroker start” Node-Red nodes can be […]

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Create a Docker Image on a Raspberry Pi2

When Docker is running with Archlinux on a Raspberry Pi2, it is time to create a first Docker Image. Get/pull a Docker Image from with “docker pull resin/rpi-raspbian” because this is Raspian 8 Jessie. Run the Docker Image with “docker run -t -i -p 8000:8000 –privileged philipz/rpi-raspbian /bin/bash”  Make the necessary changes inside the Docker Image […]

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A Logging Server with NodeJS, Https, CORS and MongoDB

It was just a question of time that logging was necessary for my RM Extension. After some review I choose log4javascript, because there is a AjaxAppender. What does it mean? As you know, the RM Extension is running inside the Browser and this Browser don’t allow write access to the file system ==>How to store […]

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How to install Docker on a Raspberry Pi2?

Till now, the Raspberry Hype was not for me, because the Hardware  was very weak compared with Cubieboard or Odroid. But times are changing…Raspberry Pi2 is here. The Hardware is still not at the Bleeding Edge but good enough for Docker now. How to install: Get the Archlinux from Follow the installation instruction. Start ArchLinux […]

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