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CLM 6.x: Improved SPARQL Editor

To improve the basic functionality of the CLM 6.x  SPARQL Editors I created my own Editor with the following features. Prefix autocompletion (using and/or the content of the CLM Triplestore) Property and class autocompletion (using the Linked Open Vocabularies API and/or the CLM Triplestore) SPARQL syntax highlighting and error checking Possible to execute the query directly To […]

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A Logging Server with NodeJS, Https, CORS and MongoDB

It was just a question of time that logging was necessary for my RM Extension. After some review I choose log4javascript, because there is a AjaxAppender. What does it mean? As you know, the RM Extension is running inside the Browser and this Browser don’t allow write access to the file system ==>How to store […]

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OSLC and REST APIs: “DNG and RTC Cheat sheets”

Inspired by Stephane Leroy Cheat Sheet about RQM Resources I will present my findings about RTC REST APIs. This is “work in progress” I will extend the Post as needed. Every time you request a resource don’t forget to include the following headers. Name Value OSLC-Core-Version 2.0 Accept application/xml Content-Type application/rdf+xml RTC REST API Create […]

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