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Challenge: CLM Server Image with confidential Data stored on Docker Hub?

There are still obstacles to use the Cloud, even in a private Repository on Docker Hub. You are walking on “thin ice” when you put important/confidential data to a Cloud solution. Why is it necessary to have a CLM Server Image on Docker Hub? We currently use a  Git, Travis and Docker Integration, it means […]

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Extend Rational Tools with Browser Extensions

Situation: The last 8 years I heard the questions “how to extend the web interface of Rational Team Concert?” and the standard answer was “not really possible”. Also simple tasks like “creating child work items under certain conditions” are hard to implement and (more important) hard to test. And don’t forget you have to create new […]

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How to find DNG Artifacts inside a Module

DNG make a difference between Artifacts. We have Base Artifacts Module Artifacts The question we are facing is “How to get the information where an Artifact is related?” One possibility is an QSLC Query with a closer look at the XML Results, because Base Artifacts have a “<nav:Parent>” and Module Artifacts have a “<rm:boundArtifact>” If you […]

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Rational Team Concert Open Social Widget with Mermaid Markdown

Wouldn’t it be good to have Flowcharts, Sequencediagrams and Gantt inside your RTC Dashboard? Not as a image but as a Markdown? Then Mermaid could be a solution for you. As usual we will use the famous Open Social Widget (OSW) available for the Jazz Dashboard. When I say Jazz I mean RTC, DNG and […]


RM Queries (OSLC and REST)

Here are the results of “How to create OSLC Queries in DNG with the help of RM OSLC”. Available informations: Using OSLC capabilities in the Requirements Management application Access OSLC services from IBM Rational DOORS RRC Reportable REST API  RRC/DNG REST Questions Example: How to find all Artefacts of an Artefact Type like “AuthReq”?<>&*&oslc.where=rm:ofType=<; […]

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OSLC and REST APIs: “DNG and RTC Cheat sheets”

Inspired by Stephane Leroy Cheat Sheet about RQM Resources I will present my findings about RTC REST APIs. This is “work in progress” I will extend the Post as needed. Every time you request a resource don’t forget to include the following headers. Name Value OSLC-Core-Version 2.0 Accept application/xml Content-Type application/rdf+xml RTC REST API Create […]

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Part 1: Doors Next Generation 5.0 with Open Social Gadget

The last days I make some tests with Open Social Gadgets inside a DNG UI (webinterface) and found the DNG Open Socail Gadgets very useful. Open Social Gadget are not limited to DNG…also development outside IBM takes place at: Google Gadgets API  Open Social RDF and Open Social Open Social support in Jazz Web With the […]

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