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CLM Ontology Part 2 – Sparql

Just a short excursion to Sparql… Sparql queries could be complex. Very often I struggle to create them or to read existent queries. Let me share my findings: Take the WHERE part of the Sparql query and create a graph. I draw it on simple paper and voilĂ  you will see the search pattern. Also […]


CLM Ontology Part 1 – Gathering

Today I will start some articles about Ontology, Sparql, CLM with tools like Protege, TopbraidComposer (commercial, with 30 days test period) and Allegrograph (Triplestore) with Gruff. Why not using Open Source tools? Because Topbraid Composer and Allegrograph/Gruff have beautiful Visualizer. If someone knows better Open Source tools, let me know… We will reuse parts of […]

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