CLM Ontology Part 1 – Gathering

Today I will start some articles about Ontology, Sparql, CLM with tools like Protege, TopbraidComposer (commercial, with 30 days test period) and Allegrograph (Triplestore) with Gruff. Why not using Open Source tools? Because Topbraid Composer and Allegrograph/Gruff have beautiful Visualizer. If someone knows better Open Source tools, let me know…

We will reuse parts of the OSLC Namespace ( to build the CLM Ontology. One word of warning…I’m not an Ontology Expert with 10 years experiences. This post is meant to be a diary of my Ontology findings and also an help for other Ontology beginners.

Good Information about…

Ontolgy: Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist (Second Edition)
LOV (Linked Open Vocabulary):
Sparql: “Learning SPARQL, Second Edition” excellent Book about Sparql. He explain also the related semantic background.
Protege: with the famous Wine Ontology

My “Best Practice” to start with an Ontology

OK, creating an Ontology is very complex. You need a good understanding of the domain you will describe.

  • Is there an existent Ontology we can reuse?
  • If no, we should start with the OWL Classes and Subclasses
  • In the next step we will create the Object and Data Properties

CLM Ontology start with OWL Classes like:

Create the Object Properties like:

Feel free to discuss the articles, because I will also learn from your feedback.

CM 2.0 Vocabulary with Gruff
Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-15 um 18.55.32

First CLM Ontology inside Topbraid Composer
Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-15 um 19.23.28

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