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OSLC Vocabularies

When you create some SPARQL Queries you have to know the vocabularies. A good source of information is: https://<clsmserver&gt;:9443/lqe/web/admin/vocabularies or the big, bit picture

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CLM 6.x: Improved SPARQL Editor

To improve the basic functionality of the CLM 6.x  SPARQL Editors I created my own Editor with the following features. Prefix autocompletion (using and/or the content of the CLM Triplestore) Property and class autocompletion (using the Linked Open Vocabularies API and/or the CLM Triplestore) SPARQL syntax highlighting and error checking Possible to execute the query directly To […]

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RELM SPARQL…fun with MotionChart

If you ever ask yourself “what is so special with Javascript and HTML5?” …let me show you the results of a SPARQL Query with a MotionChart. Details at my last Post or at SPARQL is not only “mummified” tables…you can use the query results to create meaningful charts. As I mentioned before “Transform your data […]

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Investigate RELM with SPARQL and SGVizler

Because the place available for a Open Social Widget is limited we will elaborate today a basic website with SPARQL Queries and the results are displayed as Tables, Maps, Tree, Line, Charts, Graphs, List …what ever you want. The focus is on learning SPARQL with RELM/LQE. The real beauty is the interactivity you can have […]

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SPARQL with Graphic inside the CLM Web

As you already know …the Open Social Widget are so useful to extend the CLM Webinterface without any hacks or quirks. Today we will use sgvizler to visualise the results of CLM SPARQL queries. What me still really surprise is how less Javsscript code is necessary to create meaningful information. Some Screen dumps… For this […]


CLM Ontology Part 2 – Sparql

Just a short excursion to Sparql… Sparql queries could be complex. Very often I struggle to create them or to read existent queries. Let me share my findings: Take the WHERE part of the Sparql query and create a graph. I draw it on simple paper and voilà you will see the search pattern. Also […]