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Part 2: OSLC CM only with Jena Framework (simplyfied)

In Part 1 we extend the OSLC Examples with some Jena Code. The reason for this was the problem with the self signed Certificate of the Jazz Server. In Part 2 we will change the Trustmanager to accept everything. Details about this at This is only for testing and not for a productive environment.


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Part 1: OSLC CM with Jena Framework

Creation Date: 19.05.2012 Revised: 0.1 Version: 1 Autor: PH and StH Preface In the following steps we will look at the details “how to access work items with the help of Jena over the OSLC interface”. If your are unfumiliar with OSLC and RTC please look at and Also the following document gives […]

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