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How to create a Docker Container with RTC 5.0.2

Based on the great work of Chris McGee found at jazzhub I tried to put RTC 5.0.2 in a Docker Container. It worked and I used this example to get familiar with Docker. Before you start please keep in mind that Docker only runs on Linux, I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Download the RTC ZIP […]



Part 1: OSLC CM with Jena Framework

Creation Date: 19.05.2012 Revised: 0.1 Version: 1 Autor: PH and StH Preface In the following steps we will look at the details “how to access work items with the help of Jena over the OSLC interface”. If your are unfumiliar with OSLC and RTC please look at and Also the following document gives […]

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RTC Buildmanagement with an Android Project

InĀ  this chapter we will create a basic Android Project with RTC as Versioncontrol and Build Management. The Android Project will be extended over the time, but for now there is just a simple Login Mask.   The next Blog Entries are about: * Automated testing with Robotium * Connect the Android Project with the […]

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