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How to install Docker on the Odroid XU3 or C1

After waiting for the release of the Cubieboard 4 (or 8) with an A80 CPU I gave up and purchased an Odroid XU3. It has USB3 and an Octacore CPU, but no SATA. With the help of these information, found at the Odroid Forum, I managed to run Docker. Just a hint…use Archlinux for ARM because […]

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Cubieboard with Node.js and MongoDB

Embedded device with a powerful ARM CPU become more and more attractive…not only to me. Last time I installed Node.js and MongoDB on a Cubieboard (First Generation). Details and documentation about the Cubieboard could be  found here. Interesting for me is that the (thousands of) informations about Raspberry PI  could be 1:1 transferred to the […]

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