Doors Next Generation: The importance of RDF-URI in custom Artefacts

When you create new, custom Artefact- and Link- Types you may ask yourself what is the meaning of RDF-URI?

Why is it important?

  1. When you do Scripting (Javascipt) you save a lot of additional GET Calls.
  2. The Link is not visible at the first glance.
  3. Link/Artefact Types will have a unique ID in every DNG Project Area. This will help you with traceability over different DNG PA with the same Link/Artefact Type.


Unfortunatly this field is not mandatory. But it should!

Let me give you an example with accessing (GET)  a Requirement with the Advanced REST Client of Chrome.

Without the RDF-URI you will not see the link of type “Precede”, instead you see a not meaningful rm_property.


With a RDF-URI like “”:


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