Usage of an Android Tablet with Ubuntu to control the ESXi Server and Openfiler Server

Currently I’m testing my Asus Tablet with Ubuntu to steer my server environment. That’s a challenge! I use chroot to install Ubuntu on the Tablet. With the help of ssh I could now control:
* Backup Time
* Monitor the server health
* Switch off and on (WOL) the server
An Android Tablet is perfect:
* Low power consumption
* Real LINUX
* Included
[Update 1]
I wasn’t able to run cron inside a chroot environment ==> I used a Beagleboard XM with Ubuntu Server 12.04.
After installing Ubuntu and some minor steps like timezone setting I configured the ssh connection to ESXi 5 like and for the Openfiler as descripted at With the help of this I can access ESXi5/Openfiler Server without password
and send remote commands like ssh root@esxserver ‘/’ or ssh root@nasserver ‘/sbin/shutdown’.

A runnuing 24/7 Beagleboard XM with Ubuntu which control/stear the ESXi 5 and Nasserver.

[Update 2] Ubuntu on Nexus7 is available. I have it running now.

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