Part 1: Doors Next Generation 5.0 with Open Social Gadget

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-30 um 18.38.52
The last days I make some tests with Open Social Gadgets inside a DNG UI (webinterface) and found the DNG Open Socail Gadgets very useful. Open Social Gadget are not limited to DNG…also development outside IBM takes place at:

With the help of these Gadgets you can create beautiful UI and access DNG (and also RTC) with Javascript. For DNG there is an extension to OSLC available:

Together with  OSLC and the Reporting REST API of DNG and RTC, we have a good source of informations, but I should mention that the Reporting API is read only.

Available RTC REST are:

Available DNG REST are:

In the next days I will write and publish an external Javascript Module (ccm.js) that abstract the access to CCM OSLC.

BTW, to avoid the CORS Problem with Javascript running in a Browser there is some interesting information at:

In part 2 we will see how to create a DNG Open Social Gadget with Settings and access to RTC (alias CCM).

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