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Rational Team Concert Open Social Widget with Mermaid Markdown

Wouldn’t it be good to have Flowcharts, Sequencediagrams and Gantt inside your RTC Dashboard? Not as a image but as a Markdown? Then Mermaid could be a solution for you. As usual we will use the famous Open Social Widget (OSW) available for the Jazz Dashboard. When I say Jazz I mean RTC, DNG and […]


A Logging Server with NodeJS, Https, CORS and MongoDB

It was just a question of time that logging was necessary for my RM Extension. After some review I choose log4javascript, because there is a AjaxAppender. What does it mean? As you know, the RM Extension is running inside the Browser and this Browser don’t allow write access to the file system ==>How to store […]

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How to enable CORS on a Websphere Application Server (WAS 8.5)

In case you have a little DNG Javascript embedded in a Webpage and you want to  access RTC (running in a different domain) , then you need CORS. The question is “how to enable it with WAS? It seems that WAS itself could not configured but the WAS Apps (i.e. ccm) could be. This means you […]

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Part 1: Doors Next Generation 5.0 with Open Social Gadget

The last days I make some tests with Open Social Gadgets inside a DNG UI (webinterface) and found the DNG Open Socail Gadgets very useful. Open Social Gadget are not limited to DNG…also development outside IBM takes place at: Google Gadgets API  Open Social RDF and Open Social Open Social support in Jazz Web With the […]

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OSLC with Javascript…inside the CLM Web

Javascript surprise my every day…the last week  (inspired by the  OSLC Post from Stephane)  I played around with OSLC together with Javascript. I expected obstacles and thought that OSLC is dedicated to Java. Oh boy, I was wrong! Compare the “getCatalog” function below with the Java OSCL examples available at htttp://… Attached is an example […]


RELM SPARQL…fun with MotionChart

If you ever ask yourself “what is so special with Javascript and HTML5?” …let me show you the results of a SPARQL Query with a MotionChart. Details at my last Post or at SPARQL is not only “mummified” tables…you can use the query results to create meaningful charts. As I mentioned before “Transform your data […]

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SPARQL with Graphic inside the CLM Web

As you already know …the Open Social Widget are so useful to extend the CLM Webinterface without any hacks or quirks. Today we will use sgvizler to visualise the results of CLM SPARQL queries. What me still really surprise is how less Javsscript code is necessary to create meaningful information. Some Screen dumps… For this […]