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Part 1: Doors Next Generation 5.0 with Open Social Gadget

The last days I make some tests with Open Social Gadgets inside a DNG UI (webinterface) and found the DNG Open Socail Gadgets very useful. Open Social Gadget are not limited to DNG…also development outside IBM takes place at: Google Gadgets API  Open Social RDF and Open Social Open Social support in Jazz Web With the […]

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OSLC with Javascript…inside the CLM Web

Javascript surprise my every day…the last week  (inspired by the  OSLC Post from Stephane)  I played around with OSLC together with Javascript. I expected obstacles and thought that OSLC is dedicated to Java. Oh boy, I was wrong! Compare the “getCatalog” function below with the Java OSCL examples available at htttp://… Attached is an example […]


RELM SPARQL…fun with MotionChart

If you ever ask yourself “what is so special with Javascript and HTML5?” …let me show you the results of a SPARQL Query with a MotionChart. Details at my last Post or at SPARQL is not only “mummified” tables…you can use the query results to create meaningful charts. As I mentioned before “Transform your data […]

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SPARQL with Graphic inside the CLM Web

As you already know …the Open Social Widget are so useful to extend the CLM Webinterface without any hacks or quirks. Today we will use sgvizler to visualise the results of CLM SPARQL queries. What me still really surprise is how less Javsscript code is necessary to create meaningful information. Some Screen dumps… For this […]


JMX Monitoring of a CLM Tomcat Server only with the CLM Webinterface

[Update: Source Code now with Garbage collector] Sometimes it is necessary to tackle down CLM performance issues. To monitor the OS resources like CPU, IO, Memory etc. is not really helpful, because Java is like a black box for an OS like LINUX. With JMX you can look “behind the scene”. You can monitor the Heap, […]


Part1: Oauth 1.0A, NodeJS and Rational Team Concert OSLC

Today we will talk about Oauth 1.0A and Rational Team Concert. The idea is to access from a NodeJS App the artefacts from Rational Team Concert (RTC) and also from other Jazz Tools (CLM). The combination of CLM “Big Data” and NodeJS are unlimited and would open a lot of possibilities. But step by step… BTW, I’m […]

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Doors Next Generation Extensions: Find Requirements with Links

Today we will go a step further…in our first code snippet we will access Requirements inside DNG. First we get all the Requirements inside a DNG Module Then we look for Links on the Requirements and print the Linktype on the console. For this functionality we have to include the followin code inside status.js. The […]

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Doors Next Generation Extensions: Start with the Chrome Developer Tools

After the successful “deploy” of our first DNG Extension, it is time to start Chrome Web Browser. Included in the Chrome Browser are the Developer Tools. You find them at the Chrome menu “Tools->Developer Tools” or “Ctrl + Shift + I” on windows. Safari and Firefox has similar Debugger/Tools but I prefer Chrome. With the […]

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Doors Next Generation Extensions: Start with an empty Template

In the next Posts we will create a Link Explorer as an Open Social Widget. Every time you select a DNG collection or module you will see all artefact links that exists. The graph will be build with the help of D3. Also dragging will be possible. Let us start with an RM Extension Template, […]

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Doors Next Generation Extensions: Preparing a Javascript Environment

Currently I’m working with a Doors Next Generation (DNG) Extension. As you might know DNG 4.06 will include a Javascript Extension. Before we start with some posts about DNG Extensions let me give some hints about a Javascript Environment. Necessary Tools: Notepad++ Chrome Developer Tools A working DNG 4.0.6 Environment with Tomcat Useful Links: Debugging […]

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