Part1: Your first RTC Browser Plugin (without functionality)

A Chrome Browser Plugin has a lot of different files and also the correct configuration is very important. To avoid pitfalls you can use the Extensionizr. Within 15 seconds you will get a functional Chrome extension!


Before we start just an overview “what is what…”.


Background Script/Page:

Background pages defined by background.html can include JavaScript code that controls the behaviour of the extension. A background page is a single page that is launched and run within its own context, no matter how many tabs or windows are open. They are useful for extensions where you want to have a process running that persists across all pages within Chrome.

An extension can have only one background page.

Browser Action:

Choose a browser action when the extension is relevant to most pages.

Content Script:

If your extension needs to interact with web pages, then it needs a content script. Content scripts execute in their own isolated context, but they can access the DOM of the page. Content scripts can also communicate with other pages in your extension using a special message passing API.


Gives information about the extension

Page Action:

Choose a page action when the extension’s icon should be active or inactive (and grayed out), depending on the page.

Option Page:

You need a place to control the behavior of your extension, then you can use an option page.

More details could be found at:



Go to the website Extensionizr and select the following options. Please keep in mind that the content script will have the name “Inject.js” and not “content.js”.



Load the extension

Follow these steps to install your extension.

  1. Type chrome://extensions into your Chrome Browser
  2. Ensure that the Developer mode is checked.
  3. Click Load unpacked extension and select the directory.




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