Extend Rational Tools with Browser Extensions


The last 8 years I heard the questions “how to extend the web interface of Rational Team Concert?” and the standard answer was “not really possible”.

Also simple tasks like “creating child work items under certain conditions” are hard to implement and (more important) hard to test.

And don’t forget you have to create new Jar Files and redeploy with every new RTC Version Upgrade.


Why not using CLM Dashboad Widgets/Gadgets?

The Open Social Gadget have some limitations like:

  • Problem with Cross Domain Access (CORS)
  • Could not change existend Web UI

Now the answer could be: 

Browser Extensions to the rescue


  • Easy to implement (Javascript, CSS, HTML).
  • Easy testing.
  • No changes to the original Rational Team Concert.
  • No SDK necessary.
  • Also possible with every other Rational Tool like DNG, RELM or RQM.
  • No dependency to Update cycles.


  • Installation on every Client is necessary
  • Browser extension are not for security/enforcing policies, because every one could deinstall them.


More will come with an example Chrome Extension…

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