CLM 6.0/6.0.1 Global Config Setup

  1. First you need to download the CLM 6.x web installer from
  2. Start the Installation Manager and install CLM together with JRS and RELM.
  3. Because CLM 6.0.1 comes with Liberty you have do go to <InstallDir>JazzTeamServer\server and doppelclick “server.startup.bat”.
  4. Setup your installation with https://localhost:9443/setup.
  5. Now we have to enable Global Config (GC). Please keep in mind that this step has some negative effects to reporting.
  6. Go to the https://localhost:9443/jts/admin and “Advanced Properties” and fill in your GC Lizenz into the Property “Local Versioning Component”
  7. Do the same for DNG, RTC, DCC, RELM, GC and QM. The Properties has the same name and value.
  8. If you still have some DNG, RTC or QM Project Areas then open “Manage this Project Area” and select “Configuration Management” on the right side. Enable GC, if you understand what you do. This is a one way decision there is no way back!
  9. Open https://localhost:9443/gc/admin and select “Project Area”. Create a new GC Project.
  10. Add the DNG and QM Project to the new created GC.

Thats it…for the beginning. GC will have a hugh impact to your CLM Environment. Take care!

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