Dockerize Doors Next Generation

After my surprise how easy it is to “dockerize” RTC I think to my self “RTC without DNG is like a fish without a bicycle”. Unfortunately there is no DNG ZIP File…you have to use the IBM Installation Manager and install DNG inside /opt (exactly /opt/IBM/JazzTeamserver) without JTS. If someone knows how to make a silent install with DNG like RTC, let me know. It would make a deployment with Docker more convienent. After successful finishing the DNG Installation you can create, inside /opt/IBM/JazzTeamserver,  a Docker Image with “docker build -t steve/doorsnext .” and don’t forget to create a Dockerfile like:

FROM ubuntu:14.04
RUN mkdir /rmserver 
ADD . /rmserver

Start the DNG Image with “docker run -it -p 8888:9443 steve/doorsnext bash”. I map the internal port of 9443 to 8888 to avoid collision with the RTC Image running on the same machine. At you DNG bash shell start DNG with /rmserver/server/”. Start the JTS Setup once again and register RM (alias DNG) at your JTS Server. BTW, when you register DNG (rm) you should use the URL


Voila…if everything looks fine create a CLM Lifecycle Project Area. Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 16.42.42


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