Cubieboard with Node.js and MongoDB

Embedded device with a powerful ARM CPU become more and more attractive…not only to me. Last time I installed Node.js and MongoDB on a Cubieboard (First Generation). Details and documentation about the Cubieboard could be  found here. Interesting for me is that the (thousands of) informations about Raspberry PI  could be 1:1 transferred to the Cubieboard (same  ARM CPU?). The major exception, of course, are the GPIO.

I prefer the Cubieboards, because they are more powerful then the Raspberry and the have a SATA Interface.


On the Cubieboard there is Lubuntu (alias Ubuntu) Server 13.03 running. Don’t install MongoDB or Node.js with the help of “sudo apt-get install mongodb nodes” because it crashes or  it is not up to date.


With the help of the information here I installed MongoDB. Only minor changes are necessary, i.e. you have to change/uncomment the line “bind_ip =” inside /etc/mongodb.conf, otherwise only local connection are possible.


I downloaded the binaries for Node.js from here and installed it with “sudo dpkg -i …”

At the end you have a powerful Node.js Testenvironment with low power consumption. It is running 24/7 for no money.


BTW, I also installed a RTC Server Version 2 on a Cubietruck Board. If someone is interested … let me know.

  1. #1 by Bruno on 01/12/2014 - 19:08

    Hi, what is you perception about performance? Thank you.

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