Doors Next Generation Extensions: Start with an empty Template

In the next Posts we will create a Link Explorer as an Open Social Widget. Every time you select a DNG collection or module you will see all artefact links that exists. The graph will be build with the help of D3. Also dragging will be possible. Let us start with an RM Extension Template, that must be unzipped to your  “…/server/tomcat/webapps/extensions" directory. Please don’t do this in your DNG productive environment! If  the extensions directory is not available…create it. Restart your server.

  • Open the mini dashboard by clicking the Mini Dashboard icon four_square_icon.png.
  • Click the Add Widget icon add_gadget.png.
  • Click Add OpenSocial Gadget
  • Enter the URL of the extension https://servername:9443/extensions/link_explorer/status.xml (change the “servername” to your fitting server name)
  • Click Add Widget. The widget is shown on the mini dashboard.

Download the empty “link_explorer” here

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