Doors Next Generation Extensions: Preparing a Javascript Environment

Currently I’m working with a Doors Next Generation (DNG) Extension. As you might know DNG 4.06 will include a Javascript Extension. Before we start with some posts about

DNG Extensions let me give some hints about a Javascript Environment.

Necessary Tools:

  • Notepad++
  • Chrome Developer Tools
  • A working DNG 4.0.6 Environment with Tomcat

Useful Links:

Debugging with Chrome

Debugging RTC Value Provider

Java Script Client Extensions

Data visualisation with D3  and a good D3 learning source is here

Let me just recall (for myself)  the Javascript Style Guide:

  • Indents has 4 spaces and line length are 80 characters
  • Semicolons are mandatory
  • Variables are CamelCase like “myCounter”
  • Variables are Nouns  and Javascript Functions start with a verb like “getLastname”
  • Constants only consist with uppercase letters and underscores like “MAX_COUNT”
  • “undefined” is for variables that are not initialised.
  • “null” should only be used in the context of objects.
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