Upgrade from RTC 3 to RTC 4 and moving to the free ESXi 5


I’m currently preparing to move RTC to a ESXi 5 server. Before this take place I will upgrade from RTC 3 to RTC 4.
The server hardware will be a brand new Intel E3 with VT-d.
I expected with ESXi 5:
* better load balance
* improved backup
* more flexibility with Testenvironments.

Asus P8B e4l
SSD HD Samsumg 256 GB
Intel 1275 V2
Asus KVM

DirectPath works
Asus KVM is perfect for Maintance through a Browser and als ESXi is using it.
Backup with ghettoVIB.sh

RTC4 Upgrade from RTC 3.0.1
Works as descripted
But then there was RTC (Bugfix Release) and then I have to do the same steps
The right config of the teamserver.properties is essential

Derby to DB2 ESE:
With the help of the interactive RTC Guide also no problem

The ESXi Server is fast and also RTC 4. But sometimes you have some micro lags…
Till now I don’t use the full power of virtualisation with ESXi.
Additional VMWare features are suddenly expensive…

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